Journey of Imagination

[Bungendore, Australia]

"There's something about the Australian countryside.  The wide skies and beautiful light.  It's a photographer's dream.  And dreaming is what we did this day. This sweet brother and sister giggled and played into the end light of day."  Corey, October 2015.




A Fairy Princess

[Chapel Hill, NC]

"What little girl doesn't want to be a fairy?  I commissioned these iridescent fairy wings from an artist in London, and that's where my inspiration began.  When I met sweet Ava, she put on the fairy wings, we made a fairy wish and blew fairy sparkles into the wind.  We ventured into the woods where she found a tiny fairy house and twinkle lights.  What a fun day we had."  

Corey, May 2015


Princesses in a Carriage

[Chapel Hill, NC]

Every now and then I have little clients with tons of personality.  These three fit that bill.  They played at turning me into a frog, casting spells with their wands.  They played in the ribbon streamers.  But the most fun part for them was climbing into a carriage covered in floral garlands and playing.  They pretended to ride the horses.  They pretended to be the coachmen.  The resulting images were magical.  When mom saw them she said that they were so beautiful that she felt "as if she were floating.'  I can't tell you how that made my week."  Corey, February 2016